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Welcome to the Elysian Empire

Welcome to Elysian Extreme Roleplayers  and the Elysian Isle

PLEASE NOTE: The Elysian Isle is an extreme roleplay sim in Second Life, designed for adults, and accessible only by those who are adult verified. Anyone is welcome to join the roleplay, subject to reading, understanding and agreeing to abide by our simple rules, and familiarising themselves with the History of the Empire.

Sexual and violent scenes, including extreme sexual violence may occur anywhere on the sim. All visitors MUST be 18 or over in SL & RL. No child avatars.

The sim is designed as a complex role-play sim. We aim to deliver engaging and deep storylines and will not tolerate the ‘free fuck’ brigade. If you are in this latter group please go to free sex areas elsewhere to satisfy your needs.

We now require all visitors who venture beyond the dock area to join our group, and wear the appropriate tag. For further details, please read our roleplaying section. Roleplay and rules

Our pledge to you


The Locations of the current Elysian Empire (read the past history)



Map of the Elysian Isle

Click links for details of the locations

The Locations of the Future Elysian Empire (read the future history)



Please click the locations below


Other locations of interest

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