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Astrid’s Collaring Cermony


Vows of a Pet to her Owner and Master.

Professor Brennan (professorjack): Through some trials and tribulations and a few absences we came back together again. SO I thought it fitting to re-collar her today, this time with all of your help and support.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): As some of you know, I originally collared Astrid almost a year ago.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): To add to the symbolism, I am going to go to the back and remove her collar and locks.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): So there will be a few moments here when she is free.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): If she should run off or go feral, I would appreciate all of your help in bringing her back to heel. <smile>
Elisia (adelisia): I have some fish with me
Professor Brennan (professorjack): <smile> Great. Let’s hope we don’t need it. <wink>
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Rise pet.
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): You have our support Sir, but I dont think that kitty is going anywhere <smile>
Astrid Saphir: than you Professor, and those fish do smell tasty
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Let’s hope not.<smile>
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Pet I am opening your collar and belt and releasing you from your past obligations. When I do you will be free again and not subject to my will.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): (Hold still pet. )
Astrid’s belt: whispers: Astrid’s T&T-Belt is unlocked
ProfessorJack: /me removes the lock from Astrid’s collar.
Astrid Saphir: i understand that when i am released i will be lost in the world once again, the plaything of fate
Professor Brennan (professorjack): All right Astrid. You are free.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Approach now, Astrid, and speak your piece.
Astrid Saphir: as you wish Professor Brennan
Astrid Saphir: since i am free i will use my own initiative and say some words that have come to my mind
Astrid Saphir: to you our honoured guests , i have this to say, i speak openly and truthfully of my former Owner
Astrid Saphir: and turn my back to him to symbolize that i am free from his control
Astrid Saphir: so today i say this to you my friends, one and all
Astrid Saphir: I come here today to offer myself in public as  a “PET”  to my illustrious Owner Professor Brennan.
Astrid Saphir: or former Owner i should say
Astrid Saphir: I have known the Professor for almost a year now,  and i was captivated by both his intelligence and his Dominance when i  first met him.
Astrid Saphir: The Professor has looked after me for most of that time and understands that i am at my best when i am treated
Astrid Saphir: I would say that no other Owner in my almost 9 years of SL has fully understood my desire to be a house Pet, a Kitten, and the “Owned property” of a male dominant.
Astrid Saphir: Why do i seek this,  some of you may ask ? The answers are simple really.
Astrid Saphir: As a submissive i seek control by another , so that i can live in a safe cage of my Owner’s creation, a place to thrive, to have no worries, and a place where i can feel liberated from managing my own fate.
Astrid Saphir: Within this safe cage of mine, my life is ordered and guided, and i am both calmer, and a more peaceful  woman. Emotionally i find that i am a more stable personality.  When i have a Master,  I am indeed a better woman.
Astrid Saphir: I identify with a house pet and a kitten since cats have do have a little independence but at the end of the day they still go home to their Kitten Basket, as i do each night here.
Astrid Saphir: A kitten i think is perhaps more feminine in my view and suits me more than another type of pet. I do not like dogs on a personal level but “moggies” rule. Everyone please shout” Moggies rule”
Professor Brennan (professorjack): <chuckle>
Elisia (adelisia): MOGGIES RULE
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): MOGGIES RULE!
Avril (elaine.moulliez): MOGGIES RULE!
Professor Brennan (professorjack): If I knew what a Moggie was, I am sure they would rule.
Astrid Saphir: oops, moggies are cats in England
Astrid Saphir: The Professor is a kind and caring man and knows that a submissive can be broken if not treated properly.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Then, yes… MOGGIES RULE.
Kenzie Berdache (kenzie.webelman): MOGGIES RULE!
Elisia (adelisia): mixed bred
Astrid Saphir: I can turn to the Professor when i need help and support, and he has always been there for me.
Astrid Saphir: now my dear guests ,  i must turn to the Professor and make my offerings
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir offer myself to you  Professor Brennan,   as your  loyal pet and Owned property
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir  offer  myself into your  Ownership Professor Brennan
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir  offer  myself in submission to you Professor Brennan, knowing that your will and needs must always come before my own desires and needs.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Thank you for those kind words, Astrid. Here is what you may expect if I accept your submission.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): As my pet and property, I will provide you with my protection and my wisdom.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): I will support and guide you in all things.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): In my time here in these lands I have met many submissives, but none like you.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): You are the cleverest kitten I have found.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): When I describe the Owner/pet relationship to others, I often return to the analogy of… pardon me for a moment, moggies, a sheepdog and his sheep.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): A sheepdog without a sheep is wild, erratic, neurotic, sometimes violent. But with a sheep to guide, he too has a purpose and can settle in to directing his flock.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): I find that same sense of surety and direction guiding and shaping your life, Astrid.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): There is no kitten like you in these lands, and I would have none other as my pet.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): So, you may rely on my strength, guidance, wisdom.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): My support and direction.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): My traiing and discipline in shaping this relationship.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): And also my genuine caring for you and your growth as a kitten, even when punished or in pain.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): All of these things will surround and guide you when I accept you.
Astrid Saphir: thank you Professor for those very kind words indeed, they will soon make me a happy pet soon i hope.
Astrid Saphir: i therefore make these declaration so that all may here the truth of my submission
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir publicly  acknowledge that I am simply a pet and wish to be the  owned property of Professor Brennen once again.
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir publicly  acknowledge that my name is either “Pet” or “Kitten”  to my new Owner and his friends.
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir publicly  acknowledge that i must live by my Owner’s rules.
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir publicly  acknowledge that if i break my   Owner’s rules then i must accept my punishment without hesitation.
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir publicly  acknowledge that as my Owner’s property , i can be used in anyway he desires, and for whatever purpose.
Astrid Saphir: I Astrid Saphir publicly  acknowledge that my rights as an independent woman have been removed and as a pet, i have only the rights my Master bestows upon me.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Astrid, I accept your submission. As I lock your collar and belt you become my pet, subject to my will and whim, to be used or abused as I see fit, to be ordered, punished, sold or destroyed according to my desires.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): But also to be guided, uplifted, and nurtured as my heart carries me.
ProfessorJack: /me secures Astrid’s collar with a lock.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): ANd now accept your first stroke as my renewed pet.
ProfessorJack: /me attaches a leash to Astrid’s collar.
Astrid Saphir: my body shivers in shock at th touch of the crop but i know this is the feeling of ownership that i desire
Professor Brennan (professorjack): kneel pet.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): take your place.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Now as some of you know I come from Caledon here in these lands.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Caledon is a steampunk land. The motto for Caledon is Civility, Tolerance,… and Cake!
Professor Brennan (professorjack): SO with the help of our lovely cake girl, Antoinette, I hope you will all enjoy a piece of cake to help celebrate.
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): /me smiles as she starts distributing the cake to the distinguished guests
Kenzie Berdache (kenzie.webelman): Take Care all.  Have to run!
Second Life: KendieMarie Resident gave you RM F Fork.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Thank you all so much for coming and sharing this moment with us.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): My pet can speak freely with all of you.
Astrid Saphir: i greatly appreciate you all coming to witness this very special event of ours
Astrid Saphir: i will do my best to honour my vows i made in front of you all
Astrid Saphir: and to be a perfect pet without going feral
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): You are very welcome Sir and Astrid, congratulations!
Elisia (adelisia): congratulations Sir and ASTRID
Elisia (adelisia): ((grrr, without shouting))
Astrid Saphir: if anyone happens to have a tasty mouse in their pocket, i would be very grateful
Professor Brennan (professorjack): You are all too kind. ANd so generous with your time today. Thank you.
Astrid Saphir: i might even consider a little snake
ThomasPaine Renfold: Congrats
Professor Brennan (professorjack): I know for many of you it is late, so please don’t feel you have to linger.
Astrid Saphir: the pictures will be on our website over the next few days
Elisia (adelisia): <smiles>, thank you Sir to be wittness of the ceremony and I wish You and Astrid a long and wonderful time together
Elisia (adelisia): and for all, its time to find my bed in rl
Elisia (adelisia): have a great time all
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Thank you, Elisia. It would not have been complete without you.
Avril (elaine.moulliez): i gotta go too, congratulations
JamesWillow: Congratulations, Professor and Miss Astrid.
Astrid Saphir: thank you James
JamesWillow: Time for me to go as well.
ИΘ JΘ (johnnyfirpo): congratulations!!
ИΘ JΘ (johnnyfirpo): i have to go too .. be safe!! and happy new year
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Thank you, NoJo
Professor Brennan (professorjack): (joy is afk, btw)
ProfessorJack: /me removes the leash from Astrid’s collar.
ProfessorJack: /me attaches a leash to Astrid’s collar.
Astrid Saphir: that was a wonderful ceremony my Owner
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): That was perfectly orchestrated indeed Sir!
Professor Brennan (professorjack): It was pet. I am proud of you.
Astrid Saphir: thank you my Master, of all that i am , and all that i can give
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): Congrats again to both of you. I shall take leave of you as well :)
Professor Brennan (professorjack): And you, cake girl. Well done. And the cat suit.
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Be well and thank you so much, dear.
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): /me smiles “Thank you Sir, it was your pet’s suggestion”
Professor Brennan (professorjack): I figured as much.
Antoinette Brooks (kendiemarie): /me smiles as she waves
Professor Brennan (professorjack): Well, pet, we end as we began.. just the two of us.
Astrid Saphir: and that is all that matters in some ways Master


Please see the Gallery for more pictures

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