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Hookers Alley and The Brothel


Hookers alley , a place that the desperate women of the Teraklian empire go to work as “illegal whores”, praying that they do not get arrested by the authorities. Only one fate awaits those caught soliciting on the streets , and that is a life sentence to the Elysian Island , to serve out the reminder of their lives as a slave girl to the wardens.

Still for some women the allure of fast money and an escape to lands beyond the border of the empire make them take that very dark risk. Passage by ship from the harbour, a few bribes paid to a captain of a ship can secure escape, and many women hope the goddess smiles upon them.

At the start of the infamous street you will see the women talking about their clients, and who the “wrong ones” are. Some men use the threat of exposing a woman to the authorities to get what they want from “their” girls.

The girls chat about their clients.

Further down the street is the brothel itself, where the so called gentleman seek out a girl to spend some time with , in payment for some golds of course. It is here that the mysterious owner of the brothel expects his girls to please the guests in any way that they might desire.

On a sunny day the “whores” stand outside the brothel.

Inside the establishment.

Further down the street lies the drinking bar, where the gentlemen go to quench their thirst in the presence of the dancers. It is here that some of the nobles start their illicit relationships with those women considered to be the lowest of Teraklian society.

The Drinking Bar.

Around the dark alleyways behind the main street like the dark and private areas, where few girls will venture, fearing for their lives. It is here that some of the Elysian whores have met their brutal and violent ends. Who knows what lies in the dark hearts of the Teraklian men that frequent these places.

Another knife ready to “lie” in her body

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