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John Butcher’s devices


As some of you know , John C as I call him or “Gentleman Butcher” has a very dark mind and is resident on our island. It is on this island that he builds all of the devices that you all buy and hide, down  in the depths of your dungeons.

It is here that we test and create these terrible devices of his imagination , and use them, in the  dark stories that pervade this island of fear. Over the next few months we will be showcasing each of his devices with it’s own story.

All of John’s items will now be placed in a themed area on the island where it can be used in context.

The devices will now be purchased from these location on the island directly, and this web page will show their locations as they are put out.

The island slave girls will be more than happy to demonstrate their servitude on these devices.

The Butchering Device

The Sacrificial Table

The Anatomy Chair

The Guillotine

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