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Jul 132014

When a slave girl is sold in an auction, she knows that she becomes simple property, and nothing more.
A teraklian noble uses his property in whatver manner he wishes, and when he has no further use for it, he simply destroys it and throws it away.

The head warden, Sir Allan Dayafter watched the proceedings of the auction closely. He expected no mistakes from the beautiful Elysian Madame Adanni. She had been told to sell her “whores” to the nobles of Teraklia, and to accept any bids that might be placed upon the women to be sold. The head warden had made it clear to her, in words that still rang in her head, “sell your whores , either alive or dead, my brothers need some new choices for their pleasures”

Sir Allan watched as each of the lowly women stood up and told her story. Some tales were indeed tragic, but always in the end the slave in question told how fate had bought her to the infamous penal colony , known as the Elysian Isle.

The Head warden watches the auction , attended by his owned property.

The slaves line up in front of their potential owners

One by one the slaves were sold off to their new Masters. Some smiled as they looked to a comfortable life as a simple house slave. The remainder knew they had received a death sentence, their Masters simply buying their flesh for the purpose of its destruction.

Teraklian nobles with their newly owned property

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Feb 152014

The Guillotine Game of life and death.

The wardens infamous for their cruelty, loved to gamble on the gaming table. Still their thirst for pleasure was not satiated by simple golds coins, but only by the gambling of the lives of their slave girls.

Once a week wardens, and even nobles would force their slaves to play a game of cards on their behalf. Even though wagers were placed on the cards, the slaves girls played for their very lives. The rules of the game were very simple. The first girl to play all her cards would be declared the winner, whilst all her losing sisters would die. Even worse for the winning slave, was the fact that she had to decide the order in which each of her sisters was executed.

The game eventually became known as “Dice with the Devil”, since it was not long before one of the demonic races took an interest in the game. The demon took a female form for the game, and the Wardens knew that the uneasy truce between “Man” and the seemingly supernatural forces of the “Demon races”, could not be broken by order of the Emperor himself. The demoness clearly took pleasure in the deaths of so many slaves at one time.

Tomorrow, Sunday 1:15pm SL time, the first of these weekly “Dice with the Devil” card games will be played. Visiting nobles may buy a slave at the market , and force their girl to play for her very life at the gaming table.

All guests are welcome

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Dec 162013

The head Warden spoke to his brother wardens

The women assembled in front of you are slaves of the Teraklian Empire.
They come here this day to swear their loyalty to us and to offer us all that they are in submission.
By this gesture they willingly serve us in whatever way we decide.
Each of these slaves knows that her life now belongs to the noble wardens of this island.

The Life of each slave now belongs to us my brothers.
The Mind of each slave now belongs to us my brothers.
The Body of each slave now belongs to us my brothers.

The slavegirls looked on knowing that from this point on they were simply the property of the
Elysian Lords. Astrid and her sisters wondered at their fates knowing that their lives might be cut short all too soon, for the simplest of transgresisons.

They would of course soon find out , for it was in this very same hall that the concalve of justice would take place. Here a slave would be called to atone for her mistakes, and in the severest cases the slave would face execution at the hands of the wardens.

The full story can be read in the forum . Please see the Call to arms chat logs section under Gaslight Members (You have to be a registered member to read these).

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