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Roleplaying and Rules



The start of your adventure. Please read this section and the linked pages before you leave the harbor area. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls – for it tolls for thee, once you pass into the RP area!

Dear Visitor…

You have found yourself on the shores of the Elysian Isle, a penal island which is part of the Teraklian Empire. Here, convicted slave girls work out the last days of their miserable existence by attempting to appease the Wardens of the island, failure to do so often ends in their executions.

Slave girls will do anything to prolong their lives as best they can, and the island’s Wardens and noble visitors are sure to take full advantage of their desperation. A slave girl, will spend the remainder of her life suffering at the hands of the nobility for their enjoyment and masochistic pleasure. A slave girl’s life will be spent in servitude until one of these wardens or nobles simply tires of her, and decides that her life is spent and she will serve her last master , one final time.

To our visitors, if you walk the path to the Palace of the Wardens, you will understand the fate that the goddess has bestowed upon such slave girls

There are also rumors that demons have been seen visiting the island, from the far distant places of their homelands. Who knows if these rumors are true, maybe they are a warning for a time of change within the empire.

To our visitors, whom the goddess has guided here , you will have one of three fates bestowed upon you.

You may be fortunate enough to be a noble of high rank, never wanting for anything in life. You may be an honest tradesman, living a simpler life, honest and respected by all in the empire.  However if the goddess has bestowed the fate of her own sex on you, and you are a drudge, it can only mean that you have come here to serve a new master, and you may count your self fortunate not to be a convicted slave.

If you are a noble guest, you have come to enjoy dark pleasures. The slave girls are yours to dominate, abuse and destroy as you see fit.

If you are a simple tradesperson then you can only watch in morbid fascination as you interact with both the wardens and the slave girls. The wardens need many trades to maintain the island, and you will presumably own a few drudges to serve you in your day to day work.

If you are a drudge then , your life will be spared , but for only as long as you serve your masters.

Please read these sections before you begin your adventure in the Teraklian Empire:

Roleplaying 101

The History of the Teraklian Empire

The Life and Death of a Slave Girl (The Epic Story)

Elysian Groups and Group Tags (for guests)

Group tags for the inhabitants (for staff)

The Slave “Dolls” of the Future Empire

The “Whores” of the island

The “House Pets”

The Ownership of slaves