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Scams of Second Life going on at the moment


This page will hopefully come of use to some of you in SL.  Even if not an obvious SCAM we have some of the worst behaviours exhibited in SL here, and the evidence supporting the accusation.

Currently thr latest Rogue Trader is “DarkMoon Lilliehook”

It seems when you try to purchase the intan dance sets from at least two of his stores  you do not receive the product. This SCAM has gone on for months now.

This is where i got scammed – please click on this link for the SLURL

This is the main shop where i saw someone else get scammed


One you pay the vendors (in the pictures above) you receive the following message.

[2016/03/06 13:49]  Pre-Loaded Couple Dance Ball (Heart Shaped) 3FX: whispers: Product notecard coming shortly.
[2016/03/06 13:50]  Second Life: DMCvend Server CDB DP v2.5 owned by secondlife:///app/agent/6675fa5c-af51-441c-a31b-789fa2542e05/about gave you ‘Information – Pre-Loaded Couple Dance Ball (Heart Shaped)-3FX’  ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/DMC%20DarkMoonCreations/127/147/602 ).
[2016/03/06 13:51]  Pre-Loaded Couple Dance Ball (Heart Shaped) 3FX: whispers: Thanks. Product coming shortly. Any problems, contact DarkMoon Lilliehook for help.
[2016/03/06 13:52]  DMCvend Server CDB DP v2.5: Sorry, but the product is temporarily out of stock. Please contact the merchant (DarkMoon Lilliehook) who will be able to help you.


Darkmoon takes your money and doesn’t deliver!!

These are just some of the many “ripped of customers” who have purchased in world but vent their anger on  Marketplace

“I bought over $21000L worth of dances in his store and was given a message that they could not deliver the product because his home made inventory vendor was empty! There was no refund as there normally is with a reputable vendor such a Caspervend. Attempts to contact Darkmoon and his staff have failed, despite completing a ticket on the DMC customer service site. I was told by others that they too have pending issues with product not being delivered, one submitted a ticket in December of last year and has yet to hear a word. If you want any of the dances they have, I suggest you going directly to the creator of the dance itself. Otherwise, buy at your own risk.”

“we spent 13,000 on a dance intan and it said couldnt deliver was out of stock,so we wrote to them and even went on web page and no response, not very happy even very pissed off and will report this if something isnt done”

DMC does have a ticket support website but no one gets a reply of course.

What is particularly dissapointing about this is the lack of response from Linden Labs. I have raised 2  “Abuse Reports” (category Freud reports) on this and others have as well.  Just how many Abuse reports does it take to shut a rogue down ?

Personally i have stopped buying anything in SL  now that coasts more than 1000L.

Please join this group in SL

 “DMC – DarkMoon Creations=> SCAM”


Come on Linden Labs fix this, and stop rogue traders ruining SL for us all.




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