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Jul 132014

When a slave girl is sold in an auction, she knows that she becomes simple property, and nothing more.
A teraklian noble uses his property in whatver manner he wishes, and when he has no further use for it, he simply destroys it and throws it away.

The head warden, Sir Allan Dayafter watched the proceedings of the auction closely. He expected no mistakes from the beautiful Elysian Madame Adanni. She had been told to sell her “whores” to the nobles of Teraklia, and to accept any bids that might be placed upon the women to be sold. The head warden had made it clear to her, in words that still rang in her head, “sell your whores , either alive or dead, my brothers need some new choices for their pleasures”

Sir Allan watched as each of the lowly women stood up and told her story. Some tales were indeed tragic, but always in the end the slave in question told how fate had bought her to the infamous penal colony , known as the Elysian Isle.

The Head warden watches the auction , attended by his owned property.

The slaves line up in front of their potential owners

One by one the slaves were sold off to their new Masters. Some smiled as they looked to a comfortable life as a simple house slave. The remainder knew they had received a death sentence, their Masters simply buying their flesh for the purpose of its destruction.

Teraklian nobles with their newly owned property

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